Choosing the right vitamin can be a confusing ordeal. Walk into any womans health food store and there may literally be hundreds of vitamins on the shelves.

Many vitamin companies depend on the consumer not knowing much about choosing the right vitamin and in this way consumers will spend billions of dollars on vitamins that may be of little benefit to them.

However, there are several important tips that you can use to help you in choosing the right vitamin supplement and to figure out the truth from the hype. First, however, to figure out how to choose the right vitamin, it’s important to know a few essential points about vitamins first.

Womans Health :Choosing The Right Vitamin Delivery System

There are basically 3 types of  vitamin delivery systems: liquid, tablets, and capsules.

Liquid, of course, is easily assimilated by the body much faster than most types of vitamins but there are not that many choices of liquid vitamins available today. 

Tablets are the most common vitamin supplement form. They are made by mixing in an organic or inorganic material and compressing them into the desired shape. To dissolve properly, an organic substance should be used, however this is more costly for the company and as a result many vitamin companies choose inorganic substances, which can often cause more harm and womans health problems for the consumer. Therefore, when choosing the right vitamin, it’s crucial that you read the label to make sure that you select a vitamin that is made from all organic material.

Vitamins in capsule form are loosely packed in gelatin containers that dissolve quickly. Because they’re not compressed like tablets, you will usually only have to take two capsules to equal one tablet.

Womans Health : What Happens After Taking A Vitamin Supplement

To clearly understand what happens in the stomach to ‘normal’ tablets, capsules and liquid supplements lets look at the illustration below:

1. When a vitamin supplement is taken and reaches the stomach, the active ingredients of the vitamin are dispelled in the stomach.

2.The stomach acids then attack the ingredients of the vitamin and breaks them into smaller particles. 

3.Depending on the active ingredient in the vitamin supplement most of the vitamin may be destroyed by the stomach acid particularly any enzymes and  herbal extracts that may have been in the formula.

4.The remaining ingredients that are not destroyed by your stomach acid, continue to the small intestine where they go through the absorption process via the walls of the upper intestine.

6.And lastly, whatever is left of the vitamin at this point is passed on to the large intestines and eventually out of the body having never had a positive effect on the body whatsoever. To see a diagram description of this process, please have a look at the  Vitamin Delivery System.

In Women Health Why Some Vitamins May Not Be Absorbed By The Body

Moreover, studies have shown individual vitamin isolates in supplements are about 10% absorbed. Minerals absorption in a supplement form are even more difficult for the body to absorb. Some studies indicate that only   1% to 5% are absorbed. But, from a natural source like broccoli or other vegetables, the minerals are 63% to 78% absorbable. It is, therefore, essential to stress the importance of getting as much of the vitamins that you need from eating wholesome and nutritious meals.

One reason for this poor absorption rate of vitamin supplements is that in nature each vitamin and mineral molecule is attached to a protein molecule. Dr. Gunter Blobel, in 1999, received a Nobel Prize for proving this theory and proving that the attached protein molecule acts as a «chaperone» to the vitamin it is attached to. He discovered this was key to getting the vitamin or mineral into the blood-stream – and most importantly, into the cells.

During digestion process, only 10% of the mineral and vitamin molecules, with the help of enzymes. This allows them to be absorbed and used by the cells. Without protein chaperones, our body looks the vitamin isolates like a foreign chemicals. The body actually will absorb some of these too, but they’re quickly filtered out through the kidneys.

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Additionally, in nature nutrients that are in perfect balance with each other. Therefore, nutrients that we take in through our food are more easily absorbed by the the body. Unfortunately, taking individual vitamin supplements indiscriminately can sometimes cause imbalances in our body. This is the reason that it is  recommended that in choosing the right vitamin supplements that you try to purchase your vitamins from a company that has done significant research into making sure their vitamin supplement is totally balanced so the body will absorb it.

5 Womans Health Tips For Choosing The Right Vitamin Supplement

1. Look for the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) or BP (British Pharmacopoeia) designation on the label. This means that the vitamin isolates are the highest quality you can buy, and are the most easily dissolved in the digestion process. Each vitamin that is USP or BP will have those initials on the label.

2. Look for «chelate» or «chelated» in relation to minerals. This means the minerals are attached to protein before they are added to the supplement. This increases absorption rate both in the bloodstream and cells by an amazing 400% to 800%.

3. When choosing the right vitamin, look for enzymes in the formulation. 

4. Look for a supplement that has a «food base». A food base is concentrated plant material to which the vitamins and minerals are added. These will contain the enzymes and nutrients to greatly boost the absorption and utilization of the vitamins and minerals. This makes a great vitamin package. But it does make them more bulky.

5. Only buy your vitamins from a company that offers a guarantee – so that if in the course of taking the vitamin you are not satisfied with the results you are getting you can return the unused portion for a refund. 

6. Choose a vitamin whose active ingredients are released in the small intestine where minimum loss and better absorption can occur. You should be able to get this information from the company’s website or literature.

7. Choosing the right vitamin means choosing a vitamin that is as fresh as possible – not one that has been sitting on the shelf of your local drug store for several months to years at a time.

All in all, keep in mind that nutritional supplements are not food and do not take the place of real food. They only provide an additional boost to our current food choices and most importantly, listen to your body! You should definitely feel a significant difference in your womans health and energy within a short time with the right supplement. If you don’t, try choosing a different vitamin supplement.

The best multi-vitamin that you could choose contains over 70 active ingredients including vitamins, minerals, Antioxidants, Bioflavonoids and Enzymes.

Additionally, there is probably no other company that produces a vitamin so fresh. The oldest your vitamins will ever be when they get to you is 8 weeks old unheard of anywhere else! In other words, your vitamins couldn’t get any fresher unless, of course, you produced them yourself!