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Discover The Health Benefits Of Yoga Woman

July 2, 2019
Yoga Woman

What are the health benefits of yoga woman? Is this 5000 years old ancient system of exercise powerful enough to provide health benefits to women of the 21st century?

These were some of the questions that impinged my mind when I first thought about yoga for women as a way to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

There are health benefits of yoga to women in all stages of life. For years it has been used in conjunction with traditional Western medicine to treat “women’s” health issues.

It is a potent self-help tool available to assist us in staying vibrant and alive even during times of great hormonal shifts such as pregnancy, postpartum, premenstrual and postmenopausal stages of our lives.

To experience the enormous health benefits of yoga, proper techniques are essential. As yoga postures range from simple to challenging, therefore the best way to learn yoga is under the guidance of a seasoned yoga practitioner. 

Continuously, my friends ask, “Why I prefer yoga that other form of exercises?” Initially, the health benefits of yoga were the primary reasons, but later on, when I started practicing yoga, I observed that it generated a calming and invigorating effect, which made me its ardent follower.

Today’s woman usually plays a dual role – she is an office executive as well as a homemaker. In an attempt to perform both these duties effectively, she can sometimes become overtaxed.

In addition, lifestyle factors as bad eating habits, traveling, overwork, difficulties in relationships and lack of exercise may also strongly influence a woman’s health. 

Yoga Woman

The net result of dwelling in such a distressing situation is disruption of the body’s natural rhythm and creation of hormonal imbalance.

The frequent question that comes up is, “How a woman deals with such a stress-ridden environment?” The simple answer is, “yoga.”

Many ask, “Why only yoga, there are many ways to overcome stress such as watching a movie, socializing, going to a sporting event or reading?”

You may be correct, but if you study these leisure activities closely, you will find that some of these can be equally stress inducing. 

For me, the most evident health benefits of yoga woman are stress reduction, improved flexibility and relaxation, but as more studies are conducted, there is evidence of other tangible health benefits.

some more health benefits of yoga woman including:

1. A woman’s capability of handle emotional and physical stress depends up on her health. Yoga for women promotes relaxation and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

2. The hormonal changes associated with menopause, pregnancy and menstruation can cause women to suffer from premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps, headaches, hot flashes and night sweats. Yoga, when practiced regularly, lessens the severity of these symptoms.

3. Yoga woman improves strength, flexibility, coordination and range of motion.

4. It also improves circulation, enhances cardiovascular health, and benefits, digestive, nervous and respiratory system.

5. Yogic poses are designed to tone and exercise the muscles of the body to eliminate fat.

Apart from perceiving these health benefits of yoga for women, I became more aware of my body, more conscious of its strength, weaknesses and needs. My panic attacks have literally disappeared and now, I feel fitter, more energetic, happier and peaceful.

To capitalize on the health benefits of yoga woman, perseverant yoga practitioners recommend the following fundamental principles:

1. To achieve the desired state of harmony and purification, it is crucial to learn to breathe correctly when performing yoga postures. The breathing techniques are designed to relax your mind and increase your energy levels.

2. A balanced diet based on natural products is recommended because yogis believe that the food that we eat not only nourishes our body and soul, but also affects our spiritual awareness.

3. Think positively and try to mediate objectively on the surrounding realities.

4. To achieve the status promoted by yoga ideology, self-discipline, self-control, self-determination and focus are some essential characteristics, which should be cultivated.

Yoga for women aims for the unification of mind, body and spirit. One of the greatest health benefits of yoga is it maximizes a woman’s potential for good health, vitality and lasting youthfulness.